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Top 10 most common issues found in homes in 2020

With the help of our friends over at RepairPricer, we’ve gathered data from hundreds of thousands of home inspections to give you the most common issues found in 2020.

If you’re an inspector, this might confirm what you see on a daily basis.

If you’re a homeowner, this might look like your “to-do” list of simple home upgrades to do this winter.

The top 10 issues found in 2020

  1. Smoke alarms and CO detector missing
  2. Outlets or switches with deficiencies
  3. Doors need adjusting
  4. Faucets and heads need servicing
  5. No GFCI protection
  6. Exterior caulking missing
  7. Cosmetic settling – Sheetrock cracks
  8. Light fixtures and/or bulb deficiencies
  9. Damaged or missing window screens
  10. Loose toilet

The takeaway

These are all completely minor items that can be remedied with a couple hours on Family Handyman or DIY Network.

These are often the little things that go ignored for years but can surprisingly add to your quality of life!