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Are home inspectors still in high demand?

Home inspectors are an important part of the home buying process, and yet many home buyers don’t even know what a home inspection is.

However, as the real estate market becomes increasingly competitive, getting a home inspection is more important than ever.

Job outlook for home inspectors

First, let’s look at the job market for home inspectors. As real estate demand increases, the need for qualified home inspectors also increases.

More and more home buyers are realizing the importance of getting a home inspection before purchasing a home, which means that more buyers need home inspectors.

In addition, there are more new home inspectors starting every day, so this is a great opportunity to have your own business & make a great living!

Real estate market trends in 2020

Although 2020 has been a year with a lot of turnover for small businesses, the real estate and home inspection industries have actually remained steady, and increased in many areas. It is a good idea to look at your specific area and look at how hot your market is!

So, how did the pandemic affect real estate?

Well, with cities being shut down world wide, many residents in small apartments and city homes decided to move to more rural areas outside of the city.

Over the course of 2020, many businesses decided (or were forced to) have their employees move to a work-from-home environment. Many businesses found that working from home didn’t affect employee productivity, and some even may have moved to full-time remote work.

This means that this year more than ever, working professionals had the option to move outside of the city, as the need to commute to work daily significantly decreased for many.

What does this mean for home inspection demand?

Essentially, the pandemic of 2020 has allowed people to live farther from their place of work. As a result, many people were able to look at purchasing homes in more rural areas, such as suburbs outside of their city.

This resulted in a higher demand for homes, which was a direct result of the increased demand for real estate agents and home inspectors.

Plus, a buyer’s home inspection is a great tool for home buyers, and most agents recommend home inspections to their clients.

Are home inspectors in high demand?

Although some home buyers still may choose to forgo having a home inspection before purchasing a home, for various reasons, this is becoming less and less common.

Overall, more home buyers are realizing that getting an inspection is a useful tool and something to help them make a smart decision. This means that the demand for home inspectors is increasing, and will likely continue to grow in coming years.

Home inspectors are becoming more tech-savvy

Now more than ever, the home inspection industry is catching up technologically to other industries. Previously, home inspectors were a little behind on the tech side of the business, as many inspectors stuck to the norm of using paper and pdf reports.

However, home inspectors have begun to realize that online and mobile report writing software elevates their business and gives them the ability to do better inspections, make more money, and offer more services.

This is again increasing the demand for home inspectors, as many buyers have a trusting relationship with their agent, and are more inclined to listen to their suggestions.

Why home buyers should get a home inspection

Not only are home inspectors more professional, business minded, and tech-savvy than ever, but they are also the best asset to help buyers when purchasing a home.

Getting a home inspection is a tool to help buyers see what’s beneath the surface of a home, as many homes can look perfect on the outside, but have significant hidden defects.

If you are thinking about becoming a home inspector, now is the time to do it! For any advice on how to get started becoming a home inspector, check out our New Inspector Startup Course!