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Preparing for your home inspection

You’re under contract and just booked your home inspection! 

Now what?

Make sure you’re prepared for inspection day by following these tips.

Better to be safe than sorry

Most buyers only book a standard home inspection when they should be adding additional inspection services.

Ask your home inspector if they offer add-on inspection services that keep you safe:

  • Radon testing
  • Mold testing
  • Air quality
  • Termite/pest inspections
  • Thermal/infrared to detect leaks

If they don’t, they may know a company that can do these types of inspections.

Refresh on the basics

Know what the most common home inspection findings are so you’re not surprised when your home has a loose toilet or smoke alarms missing.

Remember that a home inspection is a visual, non-comprehensive evaluation of the home. It won’t catch everything and you may need to hire specialists for further evaluation of major systems like HVAC, electrical or plumbing.

Home inspections are also not pass/fail or code inspections.

Inspection etiquette

Ask your inspector the best way for you to ask questions. Some don’t mind you following along and asking throughout the inspection. Some prefer you write them down and wait until the end.

(Some inspectors will instruct you to show up for the final walk-through and summary)

Refrain from bringing extended family or friends to the inspection. This takes the inspector’s focus away from doing their best job if they are getting questions from all angles.

Also remember that you still don’t technically own the home. This means that you or the inspector shouldn’t be moving furniture, touching personal belongings or otherwise doing things you wouldn’t want a stranger doing in your home.