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15 things your home inspector wish you knew

There are important things your home inspector can’t say to you because it wouldn’t be, um…politically correct.

But we can tell you what they wish you knew coming into the home inspection.

  1. If you’re in a seller’s market (where multiple offers are the norm) the seller might not fix anything
  2. Nobody is going to read the report to you – it’s your responsibility to make sure you understand your new home
  3. A home inspector will not tell you to buy or not buy the home
  4. You choose what you want to ask the seller to repair – not solely your agent
  5. Anything can be fixed with enough money, time and patience
  6. You don’t need to write down everything your inspector says – the report will be detailed
  7. No house is perfect – don’t let the small stuff scare you
  8. They can’t see through walls
  9. If you’re going to be present for the whole inspection – let the inspector do their job with full focus. You can ask questions at the end.
  10. The inspection isn’t a good time for your family to join and ask the inspector questions the whole time – this takes their focus away from the job you’re paying them to do!
  11. Home inspections are not pass/fail and not a code inspection
  12. They aren’t going to catch everything
  13. Things will break once you move in. Home inspectors aren’t fortune tellers.
  14. Home inspections are a limited, visual inspection – they aren’t going to move furniture or boxes
  15. Home inspectors are knowledgable in many areas of the home, but not specialists. Don’t expect a comprehensive report on your furnace or AC unit – that’s what HVAC contractors are for.

The bottom line

Most homebuyers don’t understand what a home inspection is. 

We want you to be ahead of the game by the time you show up to the home inspection.

A home inspection is a visual snapshot in time of the overall condition of your home and the major components. It arms you with knowledge to not only negotiate with the seller, but to also educate you on what to budget for with the joys of homeownership!