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What does a typical home inspection cover?

By now you should know that a home inspection is a visual inspection of your home & major systems. It is meant to give you a comprehensive report at that moment in time of areas..

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8 tips for sellers before a home inspection

A home inspection is a crucial step and often a deciding factor for the majority of home buyers. Many buyers can get caught up in the emotionality of the inspection. As a seller..

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The 5 most common major home inspection issues

Home inspectors look at hundreds of houses a year, and depending on where they live, they may find different defects. However, no matter where an inspector lives, there are some..

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Preparing for your home inspection

You’re under contract and just booked your home inspection! Now what? Make sure you’re prepared for inspection day by following these tips. Better to be safe than sorry Most..

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15 things your home inspector wish you knew

There are important things your home inspector can’t say to you because it wouldn’t be, um…politically correct. But we can tell you what they wish you knew coming into the home..

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Top 10 most common issues found in homes in 2020

With the help of our friends over at RepairPricer, we’ve gathered data from hundreds of thousands of home inspections to give you the most common issues found in 2020. If you’re..

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What to expect from a home inspection

A home inspection is one of the most important steps when buying a home. Let’s get that fact out of the way. A home inspection’s main purpose is to educate you and help you make..

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Are home inspectors still in high demand?

Home inspectors are an important part of the home buying process, and yet many home buyers don’t even know what a home inspection is. However, as the real estate market becomes..

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Can you perform your own home inspection?

While DIY projects can be fun, you should save the DIY-ing for smaller scale projects. When it comes to home inspections, or anything home related, hiring a professional is always..

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